Nyx it up!

Nyx it up!

My fortune cookie last night told me, “Courage conquers all things,” and I thought: wow, how appropriate!  After all, that should be writer’s and blogger’s slogan. We put our heart and soul into what we do. Courage can make or break people, so I say let’s Nyx it up!

Wash,Ore,Calif 7.13.10 099

I’m going to pick up shortly after my first blog on the beginning, posted August 2nd, the start of Kaylea’s conflict:

One by one, each member said final farewells, and tossed fistfuls of earth into the grave. Every time the almost silent thud knocked against my brain. On my turn, my knees wobbled toward the six foot hole in the earth. An ever bigger hole resided in my heart. All I could get out was a crackly, “Miss you!”

Returning to the mass of black, something drew my attention. Perched a few tombstones over was a black pit-bull, lean, thickly muscled, and massive, larger than the tombstone itself. White bleached its nose, front paws, and chest. Its intense gaze never left me. Something strange…maybe it was the golden fire in its eyes.

As I watched, it slowly strolled toward a nearby Ash tree. Contrary to the clumsy dog routine, it carried itself more like a feline, hardly rustling the carpet of newly fallen leaves. What followed was impossible. It leapt to a low branch and disappeared behind the tree’s foliage. It happened so fast, but I swore it transformed within the shade. Into what, I couldn’t be sure. It became more beast than dog.

Fright wasn’t in my arsenal of emotions right now. Caution seemed the better tool to utilize.

Dangling down was a long tufted tail, white at the end, heavy and abrasive. This tail danced to entice me closer, so obvious. Then, it too retracted behind the foliage and was gone.

My gaze searched among the tree’s golden canopy. What did I just see? Am I losing it…maybe hallucinating? And what did it think, I would just wander down?

Well, curiosity got the better of me and I did. What was I getting into? Each step closer distorted my sync to reality. Whispering wind, vibrating trees, and knocking leaves, all of this strangeness echoed around me, but I knew it had to be false, my mind playing tricks. The strangeness had… but hadn’t made a sound. This distortion, I couldn’t even say was real. Hard to say what was real anymore?


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