Write on! Write strong!

Good morning,

So it begins. On this manic Monday, kids return to school, and the rest of us back to work. Oh boy right! Chapter two coincides, but first let’s pick up where we left off. I call it, What the beastly eggs is going on?

The bird’s song touched my senses, the only thing that could be real. Everything became still, even me. Life and warmth flickered inside, the best I felt in days. My feet shuffled faster. Until, a snapping limb severed the bird’s harmony. Down came a golden leafed branch. The force ejected out a husky humanoid shadow, only a foot tall, deceptively clear.

My sanity defined everything, but in that moment, reality forfeited. What the beastly eggs was going on? If this keeps up, I’ll be laid out on a shrink’s couch. The good feeling left me. Concealed behind the tree’s rough trunk, all I had was what to witness, what my seeing eyes would believe. What would I believe? I’d believe, yes, I am crazy!

The shadowy figure’s fist rattled upwards towards something still in the tree. Could it be meant for the strange dog-beast? Not believing my seeing eyes, I rubbed out the built up tears. These hallucinations were out of control!

When my vision returned, so did this strange little figure. Hands used as dusters, he patted debris off. Crouched on all fours, he skulked to an adjacent tombstone. Fidgeting with something in his hand, his interest pointed toward top of the knoll, at Grandme’s grave.

Using the edge of shadows, he advanced closer. If I hadn’t seen him fall, he would have gone unnoticed. None of my family noticed his encroachment. Without a glance, each tossed their earth, said their goodbyes, and the knoll slowly emptied.

I hugged myself tight to get a grip. How many more of these things could there be? What if they were all around us…all the time? Fear trickled through me. Not to draw attention, I remained still, hardly breathing.

It prowled up to Grandme’s grave. Head bowed, he let loose his fidgety grip. Something black fell in, a shadowy silhouette of a flower.

Now aware of my watchful eyes, he reared lightning fast, jumping shadow to shadow to disappear into that old Ash above me. Torn between my family and that leafy canopy, what was I to do? The funeral ended, my time limited, but how could I leave just yet?

My parents remained distracted with a few still giving condolences. I had to uncover what just happened? What was given to Grandme? Who and what are these…things? I must know! Am I being deceived, a trickery of light perhaps?

The lush branches swayed against the puffs of gentle wind. A soothing symphony of beats clapped together from chattering leaves. Bird’s song rang out again. Normal as normal can be, nothing seemed odd now, the distortion gone. Only the skewed sun rays pelted through the treetops as I searched for them, either of them.

I must be out of my mind! I couldn’t have seen what I thought I saw. Surely, none of this had happened, none of it! On this day, who would blame me for cracking up?


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