Write on! Write Strong!

So much of the news is filled with tragedy. It saddens me to think about the Western fires. Here in Colorado, its haze has reached even our state. Writing and reading is my escape from the craziness. I am heavily editing my new book Methods of Betrayal. Like Nyx, I stayed true to the fantasy young adult genre that I love so dearly. But Nyx will always be my baby, my number one first born endeavor. Nyx is a planned trilogy. I had to step away from the second, Nyx, The Summoning. Plainly, I thought some of my ideas petered out. Last night, I found a new plot mapping website that may just pull the best ideas out. I love it when new trends get those creative juices flowing. Making an outline method is typical how I got my head straight, but this may be something to try:


Happy plotting!

In doing so, put yourself here, inside this image. Imagine a cool nuzzling wind. Soft warm kisses of the setting sun. The sounds of buzzing bees, tweeting birds, and the churning water fondling the rock shores. Ah, yes, just imagine stresses floating away.




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