Write on! Write Strong! Plot Map.

Plot Map CH1

In relation to my last post (click here), I mapped out Chapter 1/Scene 1 from Nyx, Shadow of Light. This method allows you to easily identify unneeded scenes, or how about to add those brewing in your head.  At a glance, you can maintain or tweak plot threads and pacing, very beneficial. As you can see, I used orange for the main plot; red and blue for the subplots. I have already started this same process with my entire novel, Methods of Betrayal. With this nearing completion, I do have several ideas to implement and am confident this will allow greater orientation.

For my awesome and lovely new readers, below is the scene that correlates to this plot map, posted previously:  Enjoy!!!

Join me on Thursday for the conclusion of this scene. Happy Monday!


Her death made me see what goes bump in the night. Born in shadow, few face the shadow of light. Those words, those cryptic words, recurred often from my cunning Grandme. I always thought she meant live life to its potential with all its faults. Never was I so wrong. Naïve and shrouded just like she said, with the wool tightly pulled over my eyes. And now she was gone.
My entire family collected on the south plot of High Hill Cemetery. Lines of black grew around our Pastor. The yellowed leaf strewed knoll crunched beneath our every step. Autumn’s chill in the Colorado Rockies never bothered me before, but on this day, it did.
Grandme lay neatly inside her new permanent metal residence. We gifted rings of roses and fists full of posies. Lilies white as snow blanketed her ebony casket. The floral aroma overcame the brisk air nipping at my cheeks. Click here to continue


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