Write on! Write Strong! Nyx it up!

Today, let’s Nyx it up again. As promised this is the remainder of scene 1 in my novel Nyx, Shadow of Light. Enjoy!

If you missed scene 1 click here.  

A crackle sounded above me. Down came a flower, just like the one gifted to Grandme. But this one held a golden gleam, more than just shadow.

Before it hit the ground, my reach caught this oddity. Palming the luminosity, it discharged warmth. A mixture of a lily and a rose, it was strange. Long wispy petals lit up, tips dipped into shadowy spikes, beauty in all its edges. In the center, several stamens flickered like on fire. Blended with shadow and light, what was this…thing?

My gaze lifted back into the tree. Kneeling on a branch was the small shadow figure. At that moment, a thousand questions raced in my head. Stunned into silence, my lips moved, but nothing came out.

Like a curtain, he drew the lush leaves over him. Again, he was gone. “Wait!” I finally got out. My eyes darted around to locate him again. What could I be seeing…if anything at all?

The warmth from this oddity increased. So much so, it now burned to the touch. My grip switched to the long, thorny stem, prickly painful but held no heat. The oddity slumped over. Without warning, the stamens exploded in silence. Specs of light fell like snow, layering my torso, arms, and hands. Before I could react, these particles of light seeped deep beneath my skin.

Terror dumped the oddity from my grasp. As it fell, it shifted into shadow, losing all its light. My hand covered my heart to slow the rapid beating, but it only got worse from there!

Rolling my hands over and over, they lit up like a candle’s light. My mind ceased. Dazed, I just stood, locked in a staring contest with my hands. Chest pumped fast breaths. Heat warmed me like an oven. Sweat beads pooled on my temples. “What’s happening?” I called into the treetops. I had turned sheet white on my already pale skin. Vibrations rattled me from my drumming heart, now in fast full double beats.

Seconds stretched into eternity. Finally, the light faded from my pigment. With it, so did the heat and energy running my veins. I must have won that stare off with my hands, noting every scar, every blemish. What was happening? Had I turned crazy? In my search among tree tops again, nervous rubbing chafed my hands red raw.

At my feet laid the only evidence of this mystic spectacle. The now blackened flower affixed to the fall chilled ground at the stem, so innocent looking hunched over. Do I leave it? No! I plucked it and retreated back to my family, down by the dusky rented limo, down from the knoll and away from all its melancholy.


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