Write on! Write Strong! Judge a book by its cover!


In this post, judge a book by its cover.  

“Layers of reality concoct trickery in the lives of two suburban teens; unleashing chaos from evil egos hell-bent to eradicate humans when they join rebels in their pursuit home.”

Kaylea can’t tell anyone about it. They’d never believe her and she’d find herself in a white padded room. She can’t do anything to stop it. The shadows show her what goes bump in the night.

With the draft of my logline, the next step: the persuasive back of the book. Oh, what to say…what to say? I need a great “at-a-glance” headline.

But, I had the best time with this redesign. The previous cover had two characters that were omitted to use in the second book: Nyx, The summoning. Don’t you hate that? But I am pleased how this new one turned out. So that’s all for now, remember to stay in the light! Oh…maybe that’s my headline. I’ll bounce that around for a few days. As always, I welcome any suggestions.



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